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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, may 9th. good morning i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the weather. maybe another dry day. good morning, lease. >> good morning. start off with doppler hd we have some fog and clouds this morning that will take some time to clear. it's all the way into the valleys and out toward the delta. temperatures mild in the low 50s. there's drizzle along the coast. good morning oakland, 53 for you. 52 in the city. notice we will continue to see the cloud cover through about 9:00 10:00. and then as the clouds build to sunshine, it will brighten today. the breezes will be stiff along the coast with cloudy skies here. look for about 60 today.
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partial sun san francisco. we will pinpoint the 70s for you coming up in a few minutes. chris. >> thank you. one person is in custody this morning after being involved in a hit-and-run crash in san francisco. the crash happened just after 11:30 last night. police say two cars collided head on. again, one person was taken into custody for a possible dui. no word on any injury. the highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in richmond. it happened at the john-ramp to solano avenue just before 1:00 friday. one vehicle possibly drove away from the crash scene. happening now the san mateo bridge is closed for the entire weekend. let's take a live look from our bridge fam raw. no cars there. bridge closed late last night. it's not the only traffic issue this weekend. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more details. >> i asked ming daughter will
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you come to visit me? and he said the san mateo bridge is closed. and maybe next time. >> she lives in hayward her daughter in san mateo. not an easy drive with the san mateo bridge closed. and also has to get to work in burlingame. >> i will go around. it's extra miles but isolates okay. >> caltrans is resurfacing the san mateo bridge and adding a special coating that will protect it in provides. >> it's also a lot quieter and people will notice a smoother drive. >> good news for the driver in the long run but for the shuttle driver time is money. >> when i go to oakland to sfo and it's taking me like three times the time. >> also this weekend bart trains will not be running between the coliseum oakland airport and fruitvale stations for maintenance. there will be buses but delays could be as long as an hour. >> everybody should get a
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two-hour head start to get to work because it will get real nasty. >> the bridge is scheduled to reopen monday at 5:00 a.m. there will be one more close everybody over memorial day weekend. abc7 news. and for help navigating around potential traffic and transit problems be sure to get waze on your smartphone. you can get it free from apple's app for -- store or google play. >> a camp counselor is under arrest for having hundreds of images of child porn. parents want to know how much contact he had with their children. >> it makes you physically ill to know we sent them somewhere that was supposed tosh a fun place, a once in a lifetime memory. >> amanda's fifth grade daughter attend walden west science camp and the kids all knew the man.
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he was arrested for possessing more than 300 child porn video. it was at a cam that teaches children about nature. he posted these photos of the camp on his face book page. he was the night host to who was nicknamed papa bear. >> he was supposed to be awake all night to address any concerns of the campers. if they were uncomfortable with anything, they were supposed to be to papa bear. >> now they want to know if he took inappropriate pictures of their children, and they want school officials to hold a meet to go answer their questions. >> how do we know that he did not place cameras in the showers, in the toilets things like. >> that he may have taken pictures of our kids. he was going in the cabin to wake up our kids in the morning. >> the stanley clara county office of education said he passed a criminal background check when they hired him two years ago. alan wang abc7 news.
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san francisco attorney and political consultant enrique paris has been arrested on child pornography charges. this is video of pierce from 2003 when he worked on the mayoral campaign of former supervisor matt gonzalez. in 2011 he led the effort to get then interim mayor ed lee to seek a full term in office. san jose police are thank residents to helping them arrest a man they call sigh vent sectual predator. the 31-year-old man is accused of. trying to rape a 13-year-old girl. abc news reporter janet has more on the arrest. >> san jose police say the 31-year-old, a man wanted for two sexual assaults, was on the run. >> all the credit belongs to the citizens who called in with those tips. >> tips that led authorities to a soon leandro home where they arrested a clean-shaven man. he tried to change his looks from the images captured on
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surveillance video. the first attack happened a month ago when he followed a 28-year-old woman to the bathroom and tuesday police say he followed a 13-year-old girl as she was walking home from school. it showed a hair raising result that has been plastered all over social media. >> i seen a guy that kind of look like him walking in our neighborhood. >> i recognize him from a beard. and then when he didn't have at beard i didn't recognize him as much. >> jennifer only new him as a man who lived above her. >> he would complain about our laundry. >> he lived in this corner apartment. his roommate said police took some evidence. he said his roommate moved out abruptly and he had no idea until now. abc7 news. >> dozens of people living at an oakland residential hotel are
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wondering when they can return home after bacteria in the drinking water forced them out. the water on imperial hotel on 13th street is contaminated and unsafe to drink. pipes being flushed with chlorine and should be retested earlier this morning. excitement is building for the warriors game for the game tonight. abc news was at the oakland international airport yesterday as the warriors boarded their flight to tennessee. they will play games three and four in memphis. the series is tied at one a piece. game five is back on oakland on wednesday. it tips off here on abc7 followed by abc7 "after the game" and you can join sports director larry beil and reporter mike shumann live in memphis along with hall of famer nature thurmon and cal basketball head
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coach conzo martin. fans, we want to see your photos on air and online. and don't forget abc7 is your home for the nba finals. catch all the exciting action starting june 4th. much more to come this morning including the accuweather it. start out with a lot of fog out there. it's higher fog so you aren't running into it as you are driving but waking up to cloudy skies right after 6:00 and even some mist and drizzle on the coast. 52 right now. it will be just about 60 today in san francisco. temperatures running once again below the averages. i'll line up the numbers and have a look at next week coming up. >> also ahead, more heartache from the scene of a suspected dui crash. why the family who lives in this livermore apartment can't return home. and colin kaepernick jumps to defend tom brady as new report signals how the nfl
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now is 5:11 and this is the view from our exploratorium camera points at the financial district in san francisco. we will get a check of the full accuweather forecast with lisa argen coming up in a little bit. a woman in southern california is under arrest after leading police on a high-speed chase that spanned over several freeways. the woman was behind the wheel after stolen pickup with three children outside. at one point she dropped the kids off at a restaurant and then led police on a pursuit
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that topped 95 miles per hour. police were able to stop her once she drove into a neighborhood. she will face several charges for kidnapping, auto theft and evading. the three children were unharmed. police have sentenced the egyptian former president to charges. he was overthrown in his country's 2011 revolt. the corruption case concerns charges that mow bar wreck and his two sons embezzled millions of dollars over state funds over the course of a decade. funds were meant to pain for renovating and maintaining presidential palaces but instead were spent on their private residence. mothers are coming together this weekend in an effort to crack down on drunk driving. happening today madd will hold an aawareness about mothers against drunk driving and support those who have been
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impacted. it comes in response to a string of a drunk driving incidences last weekend. it gets underway today at carnegie park in livermore >> a heartbreaking situation for a livermore family. their crash has become even worse. after deal with the death of two loved once after an a car crashed into their apartment, they may not be able to return home. >> still in mourning he calls this his only place to call home. his family is homeless of that a car pass into their apartment. it will be two months before asbestos and structural work will be completed. >> it will be a couple days before they can tell. and they pay one more night. >> so it's day-by-day? >> yeah. the turmoil means he hasn't been
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back to work as a cook. lease you are sports of mess santa rosa ton provided enough support for a hotel for two weeks but after that it could be back in a truck. last weekend a corvette driven by brian jones jumped the curb and mowed down a woman and her 14-month-old daughter julie. it's under investigation was a possible dui. the family isn't sure if they can continue to live here with some tragic memories. >> i don't know. i need to see this. i talked to my wife and she wanted -- wanted no look at another place, but i don't know. >> flowers, candles and donation have been pouring in. >> it's encouraging to see people who have no idea who we are, and we have no idea who they are and people are donating money from all over the state. >> a neighbor has a shattered window from last saturday's crash. >> the piece of the break receipt tore exploded in like four pieces and just the impact
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was unbelievable how fast that guy was going. >> the livermore community is having a picnic for the morales family tomorrow afternoon to boost their morale n livermore abc7 news. time now is 5:15. the san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has come to the defense of tom brady as brady faces a possible suspension in the nfl deflate-gate scandal. rodger good ndelmas will announce left wack how long the suspension will last. an nfl report issued this week said the new england quarterback likely knew they were using deflated balls. they are easier to throw and catch. kaepernick tweeted no football in the world will help you win by 38. let it go and let tom be great. an east bay family is home after a two-day search ended with a happy reunion.
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nick and his two young children were found safe after being lost for two days in the tahoe national forest. on friday the three-year-old and five-year-old arrived at their grandparents home in piedmont. the family flew in from all over the country to help with the search. the kid's grandmother said it's a blessing in surprise. >> i figured my man did it this way so my daughter from new york and my son from hawaii could celebrate mother's day. >> good to see them laugh about it. there was a bay area reporter there for the reunion. rescuers tell us if the father hadn't been so levelheaded, the outcome could have been much different. >> we are so grateful to everyone who looked for us. >> professional rescuers told abc7 news, witness he found himself stuck wilderness with his two young children he did all the right things. >> i left an led things but apparently you can't see that at
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night. i theft on the hood of my campbell i had a flashing strobing light i should have started with the first night and i think that's what happened. >> this instagram photo showed his black toyota two tundra after the dirt gave way beneath it and it slid sideways into a tree. through it all he had to maintain the physical is and emotional we being of the five-year-old and three-year-old, shown the a this camp before the rescue helicopter arrived and hoisted them to safety. after spending several days here. he was able to convince nicky and meela their time together in the truck were a time of adventure. >> they didn't know they were in danger because he played it cool for them and made a game out of it with almost anything. >> it seems to have worked. >> little the stuff on your face; that poison oak? >> yep. >> did you get poison oak too?
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[laughter] >> even the dog a chihuahua emerged in good spirits. as they left for their home in oakland, it was clear their smith well-being was intact but also their sense of adventure. laura anthony, abc7 news. the sierra ski season has been extended because of a spring storm. but there's only one place in california that is still open. mammoth mountain ski resort. take a look at this video they sent us after receiving a foot and a half of new snow in the last 48 hours. not bad. time now is 5:18. getting a check of the full weather. some families heading up to the sierra so their kids can play in the snow at least for a few hours. >> better late than never. we have another area of low pressure that will head into the bay area that could give some more wild weather to the mountains by then of the week. a couple of systems before then to talk about.
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and there will be weak once to enhance our marine layer. you can see it off the coast there where the low clouds and fog have situated themselves all across the bay. 6:06 is the official sunrise. gusty winds toward the delta. 20 to 25 miles per hour winds and that transports the cooler air over the east bay hills. fairfield is clear right now. you see the flags blowing. temperatures are pretty mild in the low 50s for the most part. 52 half moon bay. the marine layer is pretty deep around 2,000 feet deep and the onshore push is relatively afternoon. that will allow for some midday clearing once again. we aren't looking at any big warmups on the horizon and that's good news because we are already so dry. 54 concord, and livermore in the mid-50s with 51 santa rosa. with the temperatures in the low to mid-50s around the bay, we are pretty mild this morning.
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you may notice that if you head out early with 9 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. even with the gusty winds by the delta. oakland, good morning to you. you are 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's readings. and in livermore it feels pretty balmy for you at 54 degrees. exploratorium camera, you see the warriors pride with the cloudy skies greeting pretty much everyone. we will have a cool to mild weekend, including tomorrow, mother's day, with the chance of rain. maybe an opportunity late tuesday, but a better chance come by the end of the week. so right now we are looking at that area of low pressure. thursday brought wild weather. it's all wait into novato. you see the counterclockwise rotation. for us high pressure off the coast that will allow for a steady sea breeze each and every day with the clouds really hanging out at the coast. so don't expect a lot of sun at the shoreline. and, in fact, it will be breezy with temperatures just in the 50s. monterey 59. look for just mid-60s with
5:21 am
partly cloudy skies in los angeles, some fog to start out in the northern sierra. 64 in lake tahoe. look for low 70s today from san jose. 73 in los gatos. on the peninsula look at all the fog. keeping it gray and cool from half moon bay and pacifica. 69 in redwood city. san francisco just partial sun at 60 degrees. we will be on the cool said today and the coast upper 50s from bodega bay to stinson. when the sun comes out may feels warm as you she would yourself from the wind. that influence on the bay keeping numbers in the mid-60s from oakland, 66. but you head inland and it's pleasant here with mid-70s to upper 70s out toward antioch. 74 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at temperatures pretty mild once again tomorrow. very little change. then by monday and tuesday another shot of some cooler air headed our way and then by the end of the week a better chance
5:22 am
of rain. north bay communities could see a few sprinkles tuesday or wednesday. overall may is dry but certainly not any heat in the forecast. >> good to see a chance of rain in the forecast. >> absolutely. >> lisa, thank you. coming up a wild time for park visitors. the scary reminder about [♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy
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5:25 am
aircraft taking part in a procession in moscow's red square to commemorate the final surrender by nazi germany in world war ii. meanwhile a russian, german and other soldiers are holding a memorial to mark the occasion. 16,000 soldiers are taking part not the parade in russia. organizers say the red square spectacle in moscow is expected to be the largest military parade ever held. 5:25 the time. developing news. oklahoma and other skates in the plains are bracing for more severe weather. the national weather service is warning there's a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms today. the greatest risk is from western kansas into western oklahoma where tornadoes and large hail are likely. the storms come days after the previous round produced more than 50 tornadoes across the plains. meanwhile severe weather is. ing through parts of texas. forecasters say a few tornadoes have been spotted but no damage
5:26 am
report. >> survey monkey has a several ceo in place. they have an interim ceo for three months while they search for a permanent leader. she's on the survey monkey board and was friends with head dave goldberg who died last week after falling off a treadmill at a mexico resort. goldberg was married to facebook coo cheryl sandburg. there's a high-flying idea to attack top talent. they give their employees a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. it's known as the golden ticket and it's awarded after people work there for a year. they believe travel helps employees see the big picture. in spain, a startling image on an extra machine led to a disturbs discovery. a man tried to smuggle his 8-year-old. he gave the luggage to his wife
5:27 am
before going through a border crossing. authorities are caring for the boy. he's said to be in a terrible state. the father is in jail accused of abuse. >>. things got a little wild in yellowstone national park this week. several were on the tower bridge taking pictures of the wildlife when the bears got a little unpredictionable. the bears started running after the tourists and you can see the people running back toward their cars. thankfully no one was injured but rangers say it's important to remember they are wild animals after all. >> stale head on our next half-hour, the big fishnetted in california's first major shark fin prosecution. the i-team report is next. and there is a major drawback of the drought that we will explain
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>> good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast. here's lisa argen with more. hi, lice. >> hey, construction good morning to you. here's a look at the current temperatures. underneath cloudy skies except for fairfield where gusty winds is keeping it cool there. 51 there. 54 hayward and san carlos and san jose. 55 los gatos, 52 san francisco. the deck of low clouds is at all. it's over 2,000 feet deep. it will travel across into the east bay valleys and you will notice throughout the morning hours we stay cloudy. 9:00 10:00 the east bay is sunny, but we are staying pretty cloudy and cool at the coast with numbers just in the 50s there. so this morning as you step on out, 4-mile visibility half moon bay. 60 today in the city. look for mid-60s across the bay. it will be filed in the inland valleys in the 70s, but cooler air is on the way. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. the first major prosecution
5:31 am
under california's ban on shark fin ends in a conviction. it's a case the i-team has been covering from the start. dan noyes was the only journalist there for the story. >> the prosecution agreed to drop three misdemeanor counts against had 3-year-old michael quam but he entered a plea to one count. violation of a fish and game code 2021, the shark fin ban. >> i know it's the same as a guilty plea in a criminal proceeding and this being a criminal proceeding, i'm going to make a fact findth that you are guilty. >> the defense tried to argue that the january, 2014 search of quam's warehouse in san francisco was improper. game wardens found more than 2,000 pounds of shark fin in various forms. whole finish some ground into powder. >> we are disappointed. we thought we had a pretty good motion we could run today. it was a search and seizure motion and we think there were some problems with the validity of the administrative inspection that was conducted on michael's
5:32 am
property back in january. >> but the judge sided with the prosecution and urged the two sides to strike a deal. as a result of his conviction he was sentenced to 30 days in county jail. he can serve that in the sheriff's work program. three years probation. but most important of all he for fits the ton of shark fin with a black market value of $1 million or more. some activists were upset he was getting off with misdemeanor charges. >> what do you say to the activists who are upset about the thousands of sharks that those finishes represent? >> well, we are just following the law. i mean, the activists, they have the law law enacted and now somebody has been convicted. >> this is important for the activists, especially since he was one of the most vocal opponents, appearing at hearings. >> my name is michael and i'm the fourth generation of my family involved in the shark fin business. >> the shark fin are ordered to be preserved for 9 months in
5:33 am
case needed tore evidence. they want some of the shark fin used in research into the dangers the population faces. abc7 news. san francisco has become the first city in the nation to ban chewing tobacco from sports feeds. thethe mayor signed the ordinance that would take event on the 1st. a pan with any organized game of baseball in california is currently making its way through. elected officials throughout the south bay will discuss potential solution toss the quarter crisis. event is focused on creating a collaborative regional framework within communities to regulate water use and regulation. today's summit gets underway at the santa clara convention center at 10:00. >> in the san joaquin delta,
5:34 am
there's a massive construction project to retain freshwater. some call it a drought barrier. wayne friedman has the story. >> in a state where people and what are we doing about the drought, here's a drastic measure. the construct of this barrier. and still not everyone is happy. >> this is a very very sad day or the last few days to see this going on. >> when finished, the rock barrier will close off 750 feet of channel and block tidal salt water from flowing into the delta from which some cities serve customers. but karen cunningham has a ranch and draws water from what will be the saltie side of the barrier. >> are my cows going to be watered with salt water? is my sub irrigation going to turn saltie? >> by the time the department of water resources removes the barrier next fall, it will have
5:35 am
spent $40 million. construction park will be a six-week 24-7 job. >> is it easier to drop them in or pull them out? >> way easier to drop them in. you can open up the bottom and jump the rock execute and to pull it out you have to grab every bucket and pull all the rock out. >> the easier part is one residents of bethel island worry. >> i don't feel confident. because of the funding and the cost of it. >> scott mac owns and runs bethel harbor marina with his wife, jaymee. their business relies on customers coming in off the water. it threatens their economics and ecosystem. >> if we are shut off, boaters can't get to us. >> well when the state gets involved, some win, some lose and all for the sake of a greater good. abc7 news. up next, the big tax refund for an east bay couple that never arrived. "7 on your side" michael
5:36 am
finney ex-minutes how their money went to a complete stranger. here's look from the roof camera this morning. it's 5:45. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> millions of taxpayers get their tax refunds by direct deposit. but be warned. it's easy for mistakes to be made. one couple was expecting thousands of dollars back from irs but it went to a complete stranger. that's when they turned to michael finney for help.
5:39 am
>> tessa and i have had a hard time over the last few years. >> susan of concord works in construction and so does her husband, richard. for a long time jobs were scarce. >> just like anyone else in this area, we've been hard-hit. >> so they were glad to know they would get a nice tax refund this year, $5200 to help pay the bills. >> to be able to make mortgage payments and pay for things for our kids. >> but they never got the refund. instead their 5,005 went to a complete stranger and they couldn't get it back. >> somebody got the lottery. but it really hurt our family. >> it wasn't a scam, it was a mistake. they went to their long time tax preparer at h&r block. they wanted the refund deposited to the wells fargo bank as usual. when it didn't show up, susan called h&r block. >> and then we started talking about what the account number
5:40 am
was, and i said wait a minute. turns out the tax preparer put the wrong routing number on the returns. al their money went into someone else's account at chase bank. accountant insisted that susan told him to deposit the money at chase, but however the couple doesn't have an account there. >> why would i give him an account number for a tax refund to an account that didn't be long us to. >> they signed it without looking to full return and account numbers beforehand. so taxpayers are responsible for the accuracy of their returns. h&r block said it was their loss. >> frankly, i broke down. i mean, i was just sobbing, i was so upset. >> the couple contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted h&r block and the company decided to reimburse their $5,200 after all saying we take any client services seriously and appears our policies and procedures were not followed in this one instance.
5:41 am
we worked directly with the client to resolve the issue and to deposit the refund in their account. now susan wants to warn you, protect your returns before you sign. >> one error you don't catch and you may be out your money and may not be able to get it back. >> putting the wrong account number on a tax return happens more often than you might think. he especially with electronic filing. if that happens you can petition the irs to try to get the bank to return your funds. however, even the feds cannot force the bank to cough up the money. i have posted more information about these rules. po to and look under the sections tab. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." 5:41 the time. lisa, any fog out there? >> you know what, we have a little bit of fog on the coast b4-mile visibility. otherwise the marine layer is at about 2,000 feet. you see it here from mt. tam. below plenty of cloud cover and temperatures are on the mild side due to the blanket of clouds. in the 50s. cooler than average highs today and looks like that trend will
5:42 am
be with us more much of the next work week. we will talk about that in just a few minutes. >> also ahead, tim lincecum goes on a scoreless streak and gets some power from a surprising source. gian ♪ ♪
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dryness illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. >> welcome back. a live look from our mt. tam camera to start the day." our producer calling this a dreamie shot. we are in for a mild day. new this morning, president obama is commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory day n his weekly address the president said today is the day to pay tribute to the men and women who served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom decades ago. he said by ending the war, that
5:45 am
generation nearly saved the world, laying a foundation for peace. >> this was the generation that includes heroes like the tuskegee airman, and the japanese americans of the regiment and who continued the fight for freedom here at home expanding a quality opportunity and justice for minorities and women. the president also asked that in addition to commemorating this anniversary, americans also honor the men and women in uniform who currently serve our country and recommit to the values the u.s. shares with its allies in europe and beyond. >> 5:45 the time. we know about the skyrocketing rent in san francisco. much caused pit tech explosion. it's the same now on the peninsula. tenants are being told to leave and are facing higher rents. vic lee has the details. >> this family has hitched in the park royal apartments six years. 73 units in this huge complex of six buildth are being renovated.
5:46 am
tenants in phases have been given two months to leave. rents here are going up about $1,000. >> we cannot afford to go another place. this is getting too expensive for us. and over 70 families getting evicted this year. >> this is our home. we want to stay. this poster will hang on the balance connist redwood city apartment his family is renting. the owner is renovateing and jacking up the rents. they have been given notice to leave their one bedroom, 2 bedroom apartment but they haven't found another one they can afford. >> we went to one place and $5,000 for the first month rent and deposit. >> can you afford that, your family? >> no, we cannot. >> the average rent in san mateo county, according to a recent survey, is about $2,700 a month and growing.
5:47 am
housing activists said the skyrocketing rents are forcing people to move out of county. >> it isn't just affecting individual families but also destabilizing the community. you think of an entire workforce going through this what does that do to a community? >> a spokesman for the landlord. the park royal apartment said they are helping tenants with their move and all have left on their own without any other vehicles. he said it's unfortunate, but not unfair. vic lee, abc7 news. >> 35:47 the time. the full weather forecast now with lisa argen. >> that stratus has made it inland once again and that will be the theme over and over and over. we have a couple areas of low pressure that will really reinvigorate the cooler air. one that may drop some showers up towards lake county and the other one could bring us the same pattern we saw last thursday. so as we get started right now, live doppler 7hd, notice the low clouds and fog all the way from the north coast down through the
5:48 am
san mateo coast. and about five mile visibility half moon bay w a tall marine layer, the winds right now are out of the west. we are look at a pretty good breeze from our roof camera but it's quite gusty toward fairfield. 52 san francisco. good morning oakland look at 53. and mid-50s from san carlos to half moon bay. emeryville this morning with temperatures in the east bay still mild but over the east bay hills we are cloudy in the mid-50s concord and livermore, and a wind gust to 30 miles per hour at fairfield now but there's no fog there. it is clear. temperatures today, they are going to be a little bit below the average. but right now we are warmer than we were yesterday with all of that cloud cover. and it's 10 degrees warmer in napa. feels kind of mild as you step out. throughout the afternoon the sea breeze kicks up and as the low clouds and fog pull back across the bay, it will be breezy at times.
5:49 am
and temperatures today, well, we are going to be hard-pressed to reach 60 degrees in san francisco. so here's a look at the local winds right now. relatively light under 10 miles per hour except if you are up by fairfield with the gust up to 26 miles per hour. so there is a system that will allow for the cool air to stay with us for the second half of your weekend for mother's day. and that will bring temperatures fairly similar to today's readings for your afternoon on mother's day. so cool tomorrow is the way we will play it today, tomorrow, and then the best chance of showers comes our way thursday and friday into next week. and we could see unsettled weather once again in the sierra nevada. there's the low that brought the interesting weather thursday. it's headed well to the east of us. and high pressure trying to equalize the atmosphere here well off the coast, allowing for the steady sea breeze throughout the day today, into tomorrow, and keeping our temperatures well below any 80-degree reading. as we go through the rest of the morning hours, you will notice
5:50 am
the fog just shy of the delta. and then throughout the next three or four hours it continues to clear, right towards the bay. 10:00 you are still cloudy in hayward and livermore, and along the san mateo coast around san mateo, palo alto, much of marin and then the fog in the afternoon hangs out by the coast. we are sunny but mainly 60s and 70s today. 65 in oakland, 70 palo alto, 64 in santa cruz. you need the jacket if you are at the coast. upper 06 eats for san rafael. mid-70s to upper 70s will be the warmest locks from fairfield to brentwood. if you are head into the city later on today for the evening game, the miami marlins in town, upper 50s and the son setting at 8:00. it should be a cool night at&t park. temperatures may be a degree or two cooler tomorrow but a nice afternoon for mother's day. bring the jacket along. it's cooler monday and tuesday with temperatures staying just mainly in the mid-and upper
5:51 am
60s around the bay and traps a chance of rain by thursday and friday. >> the roller coaster wave of bay area temperatures. >> always. >> lease auction thank you. turning to sports, plenty of support for tim lincecum who delivered six shutout innings for the giants on orange night at at&t park. and can the warriors find their focus in memphis tonight? layer which beil has those stories and more in our saturday morning sports report. good morning everybody. the first month of casey mcgehee's giants career, not gone that well. he replaced the panda at third base and came in hitting .1789. but a sign of hope when he faced his old team the morlings on orange friday. i can't wait to pick you have a suit like that. bottom of the second. mcgehee, we told you about the .178 average. but .313 with bases loaded. that's 4-0 and plenty of run support for tim lincecum, who was dealing. swing and a miss by former giant
5:52 am
mike morse. six shutout innings. and the big boy john carlos dancing. fans with the bases load today end the fifth and the giants win it 6-0. get your hot dogs here. a's end their ten-game road trip in seattle. sunny gray came in 4-0 and struck out 9. on target to the 5-0. josh reddickic is doing this. the guy with 32 homers back in 2012 and in the fifth a two-run blast. redick's fifth of the season a3-1 game. what could go wrong? how about the bullpen? in the seventh the double to robinson can no. brad miller scores and tied at three. they go to the 11th. dan otra on the mound and this is terrible. good night, game over drive home safely. the m's win 4-3 in 11. >> the buds word for the warriors heading into game three in memphis is focus. it's all about focus. nothing like a sound beating on your home court to get your
5:53 am
focus right." they needy pond green to stay out of foul trouble and find their stroke. they need to calm down and play the way they did to get to 61 winds. >> you don't change who you are overnight. you have to do better what you already do. so that's the focus. and there's always a few things, maybe a play you add or maybe you change a defensive match-up or something. but it's -- that stuff is relatively minor. >> clippers and rockets floyd mayweather said i want my hundred back floyd. cp3 came back to play but the coach's kid, 25 points in 23 minutes on 10 of 13 shooting. clips with the run to win 124-99 and take the two-one series lead. crazy finish bulls and calves. tied at 96. derek rose and the bank is open! rose goes for 30. he didn't call bank. he lucked out.
5:54 am
chicago, 99-96 to take a 2-1 series lead and don't forget we have warriors and grizzlies 5:00 p.m. right here on abc7. hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everybody and happy mother's day out there! i'm larry beil. >> with so many bay area sports franchises looking to move, one team said they are staying
5:55 am
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we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate. evening are the winning numbers from last night's $100 million mega-millions draw. nobody matched all six so tuesday's jackpot jumps to $140 million. 14% of napa's employees are walking away from their jobs. company's ceo announces getting rid of manager titles and job titlings and offered a buyout offer to anyone who didn't like it. that turned out to be 210 people. each is getting three months severance pay and those who stay
5:57 am
at the online shoe retakers, no more buys. shaw is known for his experimental management style. good news for sharks fans. team will remain at the shark tank for the next decade and possibly through 2040. the sharks signed a lease extension with the sap center that will keep them playing home games there through 2025 and then they will renew annually for 15 years beyond that. the nhl commissioner bet man praised them. they described it as one of the more exciting and loudest arenas in natural hockey. >> look at this video. it shows half of the 49ers home stadium still standing. the company handling the demolition said it might take about three hows to bring the building down once the demolition started in february. next at 6:00. a live look at a closed
5:58 am
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>> this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, may 9th. good morning, i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7hd. hi lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning, everyone. we have start the out with plenty of cloud cover. it's made its way all the way into our east bay valleys and it will be somewhat slow to clear, allowing for another cool day today. here's mt. tam and the official sunrise coming up shortly. you see we will have plenty of gray for the sun to work on to bring us our sunshine. not until about 9:00, 10:00 in the east bay


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